Basic Ballet Steps

Basic Ballet Steps

The art of ballet dancing is not a new concept. It has been performed throughout the world since the 15th century and is now deemed as one of the most popular forms of dance.

Ballet is just pretty dancing. Perhaps you’ve seen some of the ballet performances on the television or on movies. Or, maybe you have a friend who does ballet. Whatever the case may be, if you’ve got an interest for this art, then I bet you would be interested to know what the basic ballet steps are. Note that just like the other forms of dance, ballet has its own set of steps that every dancer should follow to perform the dance the way it used to be.

So what these basic ballet steps are?

Before anything else, it is best for you to know that most of the basic ballet steps are in French terms. This is perhaps due to the fact that ballet was popularized by King Louis XIV in France. So don’t be surprised to see terms that are in French. If you are really interested to know more about ballet, even just the basic ballet steps, then be ready to note and understand each term.

Okay! Here are the basic ballet steps. Let’s start with the basic positions.

* Premiere (First Position) – In this position, the knees and heels are positioned together, with the legs turned out from the hips. Toes pointed out to make a V-shape, but the feet should be in straight line. Arms are out and in front of the torso, forming a soft curve. Straight spine, with the back, pelvis and head aligned.
* Second (Second Position) – legs turned out from the hips, with feet separated about shoulder length apart. The arms are out to the sides and rounded.
* Troisieme (Third Position) – Keep the legs turned out from the hips. Cross the front heel in front of the other foot, touching it at the middle. The right and left foot can be used, but if it is the right foot which is placed in front, the right arm should be raised overhead in a semicircle, while extending the left arm out to the side. Do the reverse when the left foot is in front.
* Quatrieme (Fourth Position) – Legs turned out from the hips. Place one foot directly infront of the other. A space of about 12 inches should be maintained between the feet. The right arm is raised overhead in a semicircle if the right foot is in front.
* Cinquieme (Fifth Position) – Legs still turned out from the hips, but the heel of the front is positioned against the first joint of the other big toe. Arms lifted and extended overhead into a circular shape.

So those are the basic ballet positions. Now let’s continue with the basic ballet steps.

* Arabesque – standing on one leg, while raising the other leg straight behind.
* Chasse – to gallop with leg chasing the other.
* Emboite – An alternating jump with legs moving forward.
* Jete – A leap from one leg to the other.
* Piroutte – to turn.
* Passe – passing the leg from one position to another.
* Pas de chat – sideways jump
* Plie – To bend the knees.
* Releve – Raising up to tiptoes.
* Port de Bras – arms movements through different positions.
* Saute – to jump.
* Tendu – Stretching of the leg, while pointing the toe.

Be sure to learn those basic positions though as it is where all the basics ballet steps depend.