Basketball Quick Tips: What to Do When Not Holding the Ball

Basketball Quick Tips: What to Do When Not Holding the Ball

Ten players are required to play in the game of basketball but only one person is holding the ball at any given time. So what do you do when on the offensive side and you’re not holding the ball? Here are some quick tips to help you maximize the time you have while on the court.

Basketball position
This is the least understood position in basketball and often the most neglected by young players. The initial tendency of players when not having the ball is to stand and wait until their turn comes. However, this must be resolved by moving into a position that offers readiness, both for defense and offense.
You must always keep a crouched body position, with knees flexed and feet apart. The hands must also be in upward position at shoulder level, nearest to the body.

Foot Placement
Feet must always take the distance between those of the shoulders with the non-pivoting foot in front and the pivoting foot slightly backward.

Leg positioning
The key here is to keep the legs flexed. This way, your body will atomically crouch and provide you a position that is ideal for offensive play and ball handling. Flexed knees will also create an effect on the body that will provide it more power and easier movements.

Arm position
You must always keep your arms at chest level. This position is nearest to the top of your head and the lower sides of your body.

Head position
Your head is vital in keeping your body balanced. If it is too far backward or too forward, you might suffer from an unbalanced body and you are even more prone to injuries. Thus, you must keep your whole body aligned at the center as if a stick is inserted your body.

Change of pace
This normally gives the player on the offensive play to distract the opponent from guarding. This is done through a three-part series of movements namely running, straightening to give the impression of stopping and relaxing and finally, setting the pace again.

Change of direction
This is used for shaking the defender from his position which then gives you the chance to make points. You need to be a little explosive in this part so as to free yourself from his defense. Be quick and agile then don’t give hints that you are just changing your position for distraction. Make it as natural as you can.

These are just some of the vital components you need to know during the time when you don’t have the ball with you and you are on the offensive side.