Ergonomically Shooting Hoops

Ergonomically Shooting Hoops

When a person thinks about ergonomics, the last thing that they think about is sports. Can ergonomics be used in mans favorite sport? Ergonomics can definitely be used in sports whether its golf, baseball, tennis, hockey and even basketball.

So if you are a professional basketball player, even an amateur or just a fan/spectator and you are struggling with your basketball shooting, there are a few techniques that should be used. These techniques are called ergonomics for the athlete. This is nothing new; athletes have been using ergonomically correct techniques for years.

One technique to help you ‘shoot a hoop’ ergonomically correct is to not only exercise before the big practice or game, it’s important to do stretch exercises. Your team mates may laugh but being ergonomically correct will better your play and help you to become a better basketball shooter.

In basketball, shooting is what can make or break a team. If there are any team mates that do not know how to throw an effective ‘shoot’, this could ultimately loose a championship game. One of the reasons why so many players utilize ergonomics is simply because it helps their game…they can learn to develop a better shooting average just by practicing ergonomics.

Becoming an ergonomically correct basketball shooter means practice time all the time. You can always tell a shooter who has been practicing his or her ergonomic techniques. It’s the way that they are prepared to play the game. They are not as stressed and harried or anxious as someone who never utilizes their ergonomic tips.

The first step to shooting hoops success is to get your basic set-up ‘straight’. Hold your basketball close to your chest area and make sure that it is positioned below your chin level. Your hand must be set underneath your ball and toward the back area. The hand or the, ‘non-shooting hand must be ‘cupped’ under the basketball and a toward the front area. It’s important to make sure that you lock your wrist and pull it back. If the basketball is positioned the right way, you’ll actually notice a wrinkling effect on the backside of your wrist. These are a few techniques are ergonomically sound and they can help a basketball player improve his or her game whether they’re professional or a beginner. Although being ergonomically correct in your game is important, you must continue to eat healthy, get plenty rest, drink 6-8 glasses of water daily and to inform your doctor of your exercise regimen.