Helpful Hints in Proper Bowling Techniques

Helpful Hints in Proper Bowling Techniques

Although it may appear simple, bowling is not a simple sport to master. Most people do well in the sport, but it takes extra effort to become one of the best. Every person can’t be the best at the game, but there are some that can be great at many of the bowling techniques. There are many hints and tips that can help good bowlers become even better. If a person wants to master any bowling techniques, they must have more than one bowling ball to play the game with.

The differences in lane conditions and surfaces make it almost impossible for a bowler to use just one ball. Using more than one ball can increase a player’s average effectively. In bowling, the right equipment should be used for the right situations, so certain balls should be used in certain situations.

Players may also feel that their thumbs are loose within the bowling ball. Although this is a problem, players should not squeeze until their thumb swells. Squeezing with the thumb or fingers can cause discomfort as well as result in inconsistent shot making. Bowlers’ tape should be used to prevent the problem of a swelling thumb. How the ball is gripped is important to a good arm swing, and a loose arm is an effective way to raise scores.

Often in bowling, a ball loses the reaction it had when it was new as well as losing the hitting and carrying power. Reactive resin balls most commonly wear out if they are not properly maintained. If a resin ball is not maintained, it may become saturated with oil and lose its reaction. Many players also have the problem of being inconsistent in their delivery.

For many players, the problem stems from the fact that the player is not squaring off their shoulders to the foul line during the delivery. The problem may occur most often when a player is rushing their approach. Maintaining a moderate speed during their approach is another common problem for many bowlers.

Rushing shots is another common problem for many bowlers. It is important to focus on the mark, and hold the final position until the ball crosses over the mark. Bowlers should hold the position and imprint into their memory, so that if it is a good shot it can be repeated, and avoided if it is a bad shot. It is important to remain balanced and follow through, which is called completing the shot.

To stay balanced at the foul line, players must use their non-sliding leg as a counter weight and slide it to the opposite side of the throwing arm. Remaining upright while getting down low to the lane will also help players make their shots more effectively. The movement of a player’s body can help them increase the speed of the ball, and knock down more pins. While in their stance a player should jab with the right hand that is holding the ball, and point it forward.

Next, the player should take a step with their left foot, then right foot, and left again. As the third step is moved with the left foot, the right foot should be moved forward to gain more momentum.