As with other national issues, Jamaica gambling seems to have triggered opposing parties to express their views on the possible effects of gambling in the country. There has been too much fuss about the introduction of casino gambling. Some residents believe that this form of Jamaica gambling will only pave the way for the increase in crime and violence on the island. Well, admittedly, gambling has always been associated with sex, drugs, and crime. But hasn’t marijuana been legalized in Jamaica already?

Someone from the National Council on Education has expressed his sentiments regarding casino gambling. He said that this form of Jamaica gambling can actually be the source of the $52 billion annual fund needed to improve the education system of the country. He further pointed out the possible disadvantages are so few compared to the benefits that the country can game from it. Currently, the island is still battling with poverty and unemployment possibly because of the illiteracy rate and quality of education. Another alternative that can possibly win the hearts of many residents is the lottery or lotto. It may be a subtler form of Jamaica gambling, but isn’t it gambling just the same?

It is quite ironic to be waving banners of protest against this latest Jamaica gambling method, and yet putting the thumbs-up sign on smoking weed. But of course, weed, known locally as “ganja”, is being strongly believed by the locals to be a medicinal herb. Case closed.

Jamaica gambling is not restricted to the confines of the casinos. Even if Jamaica is home to ten casinos, it has other forms of gambling as well. The island offers horse race betting. This form of Jamaica gambling is done at the horse tracks in Saint Catherine at Caymanas Park in the island’s capital, Kingston. This horse race track which started operating in 1959 may be the island’s only horse race track existing today, however, history has it that this Jamaica gambling dates as far back as the early 19th century. Several small tracks which could be seen dotting the island supports this story.

The 70’s and the 80’s were not good years for the horse race betting in the country. But after undergoing some changes, the Caymanas Park has become very famous among locals and even to tourists as well. What drove it to succeed is the fact that it does not prohibit off-track betting anywhere in Jamaica.

Most tourists of the tropical islands do not just look for the surf and sand that these places all promise to have. Most of them long for the glamour and excitement that Las Vegas is so famous for. Jamaica boasts that it can provide the best of both worlds. Jamaica gambling will definitely prove that the island is not only about surf and sand.