Playing Live Dealer Roulette

Playing Live Dealer Roulette

Roulette has always been a popular casino game and it is easy to understand why. The game is great fun to play and very simple to learn. The idea of the live dealer roulette is for the player to guess whereabouts the ball will land on the wheel after each spin. Betting on whereabouts the ball will fall can be done in numerous ways, you can bet on anything from a single number to the colour of the pocket and even a section of the wheel. There are also combination bets, columns, corners, streets and many more.

Playing live dealer roulette is the closest you can get to actually playing the game live in a casino from your home. The wheel roulette wheel and croupier can both be seen and watched in real time on your computer through a video system. This way you can actually see the roulette ball roll around the wheel before it falls in to a pocket. Unlike virtual games which can sometimes use a random number generator live roulette is the real thing.

Live dealer roulette is played in the same way ordinary roulette is played. You make your bets by first clicking on the chip you want to bet, each chip carries a different value and then your bet is placed on the roulette table by clicking in the area you want to bet on. Just before the croupier spins the ball “No more bets” is announced and players are prevented from betting any more. The roulette ball is then sent spinning around the wheel in the opposite direction to the wheels rotation. Eventually the roulette ball looses speed and falls down the wheels sloping sides to bounce about a bit and land in a pocket. This pocket is then the result and any players who have guessed correctly are paid the appropriate odds for their bet before the game starts again.

Roulette really is a fun game and now you don’t actually have to get dressed up and travel all the way to your nearest land based casino to play the game it is even better. With the growth of online gambling the way roulette is been played has also changed, there are many good websites out there featuring the game, most of these sites will even let you play for free so give it a try and see if lady luck is with you tonight.