Product Manufacturing In China – Friend Or Foe?

Product Manufacturing In China – Friend Or Foe?

Do you think that Henry Ford would have imagined that in a few decades from revolutionizing industry, we will have a global economy with a global workforce?

Perhaps one of his most valuable visions was his understanding of industry, but today in our world of manufacturing so much of our products are manufactured with parts from all over the globe. It is difficult to purchase a single product today that was manufactured 100% in the USA – or solely in any other country for that matter.

Manufacturing in China has taken the manufacturing industry by force. With low cost labor and world class factories it is a very viable country to consider when thinking of manufacturing your product. Large corporations have taken advantage of this for many years but with the right contacts and infrastructure smaller firms can now also reap the rewards of manufacturing in China.

Dallas-based manufacturing consulting firm, Global Manufacturing Services works with small-to-mid size firms in the USA who desires to take their product to China for manufacturing. They have a pre-established network of factories in China in a multitude of industries. They work with US-based business from Design-to-Delivery and make it possible for the everyday-USA smaller firm to also get their product manufactured in China with great cost savings.

China is a very appealing country for international manufacturing of all industries, while some countries in the Asian region have found a more niche market. India and Pakistan are more powerful into textiles at this point of time, but still a viable options for global manufacturers.

Although globalization has brought American countries lower wages and lower cost to their manufacturing needs, we have to consider the impact it has to our local economy. More manufacturing needs are being shifted offshore and less manufacturing jobs are being filled on the mainland USA. But when businesses save cost, they can now pass those savings onto their customers in a win-win situation.