Three Moves in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Help You Escape From an Attacker

Three Moves in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Help You Escape From an Attacker

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the most effective martial arts techniques around. In fact, you will find this to be very useful during close quarter combat. When faced with an opponent, you can use one of these three moves to subdue your attacker and escape to safety.

If you are walking and someone suddenly grabs you from behind, the first thing you have to do is squat down, widen your base and try to make yourself heavy as possible so he will have a hard time lifting you. If you fail to do this, simply hook your foot around the outside of your opponent’s leg then squat, pick a side and step out so you can see one of his legs between yours.

Now step around behind your opponent and then fall to the ground. The leg placed behind him will make him fall down and it works even if he is heavier than you. If you are scared to land on your butt, don’t worry because you will land on your opponent so he acts as your cushion. Since this is going to hurt him more than you, get up and run.

Should your attacker be coming straight at you, cover your face and get your head against his chest while simultaneously, doing a leg check or a strong kick to his leg. This won’t stop his punches and the only way to do that is to sweep your hands out to block his biceps, hook your hands over his triceps and use your forearms to control his arms. With your forehead still on his chest, push forward so you are able to create isometric tension.

The next thing to do is go around his back with one arm and move to that side. Your other arm should remain in the same position with your thigh close to his leg so he won’t be able to turn around or even knee you in the groin. After holding that person for some time, push him out and make run for it.

If you are pushed to the ground and he is still coming straight at you, thrust your knees into his chest. If he is too heavy to push away, be ready to take those punches and protect your face. If he tries to get away, put your back to the floor and put your legs around his hips. Since he can’t get away, he will probably lunge forward and try to choke you. Since your feet are still wrapped around his legs, try to pick him up, flip him over and run.

These three Brazilian Jiu Jitsu moves are easy to learn. Although it does not cause any damage against your attacker, it gives you enough time to run and get help.

There are other Brazilian Jiu Jitsu moves you can learn aside from those mentioned and you are sure to find text and video clips in the web. But since reading or watching it is not enough to prepare when you it actually happens, it is advisable to learn these in a self-defense class that is often being taught in the gym. Once you understand the concept, practice it until you get it right with your sparring partner.