Three Moves in Jiu Jitsu to Subdue an Attacker

Three Moves in Jiu Jitsu to Subdue an Attacker

Jiu Jitsu is an effective martial art technique that is very useful in close quarter combat. To give you an idea, here are three moves which you can use when there is a threat.

The first is called the Clinch. Most people attack by punching or kicking when they know there are in range to do so. The best way to avoid getting hit is to stay out of the hitting range or go close enough to limit his or her punching or kicking ability.

To make this happen, you have to get your head against your opponent’s chest then get your hands up to your forehead with your forearms so you avoid getting punched in the face. At the same time, you close the gap by leading with a leg check or a distracting kick to his leg.

You now sweep your hands out to block his biceps on each arm, trap his arms by hooking your hands over his triceps and use your forearms to control his arms. With your forehead still on his chest and by pulling his arms, you create isometric tension limiting his punch and movement.

This move is completed when you reach around his back with one arm and move to that side. Make sure that you his other arm tightly under your armpit so you can still protect your face by burying it in the biceps of the trap arm. Don’t forget to pinch your thighs on the leg closest t you so he won’t be able to turn and knee you to the groin.

You can still fight if the attacker has overpowered you. For that, you employ the second move called the Closed Guard. For this to work, you have to be on the ground facing your attacker. You wrap both of your legs around him so his body is in between your thighs.

With your lower body having a tight grip, try to get one of his arms by trapping it under your arm and grabbing behind his elbow. Ideally, the arm you should catch is the one he uses to punch you with.

Using your other hand, hold his head down as this will limit his ability to sit upright and protect you from a head butt. You can do this by holding the back of his head or by the back of the neck.

Unlike the first move, the attacker will still be able to hit you so protect yourself from these attacks using your elbow and knee.

The Closed Guard will not work if the attacker is too large or too strong. When this happens, try the third move called the Open Guard instead. This is achieved by thrusting both of your knees into the chest.

With your head back on the ground and your hands covering your face, arch your back and push this person as far back as possible. Should he stand up, put your back on the floor and use your feet on his hips.

If the attacker decide to lunge forward and choke you, put your feet on his hips and pull him forward until his head is even with yours then use your legs to pick him up and flip him over your head.

These three Jiu Jitsu moves should be practiced regularly so your reflexes will kick in when you are in danger. The best way of course is to enroll in a gym and work with a sparring partner.