Weather Forecast Is Done Mainly On The Basis Of Atmosphere Studies

Weather Forecast Is Done Mainly On The Basis Of Atmosphere Studies

A very common proverb that is somewhat true is, no one does anything about the weather though everyone discusses about it. In fact it is one of the most common topic that people speculate and talk about. Millions of people look over the internet to know about the local and global weather and also weather hazards. All are curious about whether umbrella is required today or whether this weekend’s big game is going to be spoiled by rain or not.

If you stay on the Earth, weather is bound to affect you in diverse ways. The kind of house you stay in, the type of clothes you were, even the type of leisure activities and games you enjoy – all are determined by the weather.

Weather influences the nature of the soil on which we live. Even plants and animals adapt to various living conditions due to weather variations. Depending on their surrounding weather, plants adapt to survive in extreme dry or wet conditions. The shapes of their branches also depend on the prevailing weather. Similarly, the animals also get acclimatized to endure the extremities of their natural habitat.

Even though we cannot ‘do’ much regarding the weather conditions, our meticulous study about the weather helps sharpen our ability to predict the approaching weather conditions. The ability to accurately foresee the oncoming adverse weather conditions help to reduce the loss to the farmers as they can modify their farming practices according to the predicted weather.

Weather conditions vary depending on the form of the atmosphere of the earth. A feature unique to the atmosphere that surrounds our world is that it contains water vapor, and a temperature that maintains this water in three different forms – solid, liquid and gas.

Technically, the day to day changes in the atmosphere conditions is referred to as the weather. Different aspects of weather like the windspeed, humidity, temperature, type and amount of precipitation etc. are measured to give us an idea of what kind of conditions we face on earth.

The sun causes these atmospheric variations and determines the condition of the atmosphere based on the location on the globe. The temperature rises up and falls down faster in land areas than oceans. The Polar Regions receive less intense radiation from the sun than the equatorial regions.

The atmosphere is a massive complex phenomenon that wants to maintain an equilibrium of its own, in the same way like every other complicated systems. The cooler regions around the poles of the earth suck in the warm air from the equatorial regions. The rotation of the earth and the friction with the land also determines the movement of air. This whole system is contained within a small area by the gravity of the earth.

Complex patterns of low and high air pressure are caused because of the combination of a variety of factors like the geography of an area, the uneven heating, balancing force of the earth to even out the irregularities, and the gravitational and rotational forces. Different weather conditions are produced as result of interaction between these low and high air pressures with the ground.